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We Are Speaking at Healthy Children Conference & Expo

Plan, Prepare and Pay for College - Healthy Kids Conference & Expo

Jimmy Kim (of More Than SAT) will be a speaker at the Healthy Children Conference and Expo hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Don’t miss Jimmy’s presentation, “Don’t sweat the college stuff: plan, prepare, pay for college”.  He will be speaking  Saturday, March 8th at 4:15pm.

Location: Donald E. Stevens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL

Conference Dates & Times:

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Summer ACT Tutoring

Summer ACT Tutoring: for all incoming Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

  • Do you know how to study more effectively for the ACT, even with your hectic schedule?
  • Can you manage your test-taking time well on the fast-paced ACT tests?
  • Do you have an organized list of all the essentials you need to know for each subject?
  • Can you brainstorm, organize, and
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Summer Tutoring

Summer Tutoring - North ShoreMany parents and students think that “summer tutoring” is for students that are falling behind. It is true that some students need some help grasping new concepts, catching up in class, or preparing for tests; however, many students seek tutoring for a variety of reasons:

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Ignite 360: a great tool for college sports recruitment and scholarship opportunities!

i360 white.jpgFullNameLogoColor.jpg

Ignite 360: a great tool for college sports recruitment and scholarship opportunities!

Do you have a high school student hoping to play sports in college?  Their level of preparedness can often determine whether they will be offered a spot and possibly a scholarship.  Ignite 360 can help with the confusion surrounding college athletics.

IMG Performance, the division of IMG Worldwide …

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College Prep is a Breeze — 2013 Summer Specials

What makes us unique?

More Than SAT is offering specials for this summer.  What we offer are unique options not available in most tutoring or college consulting places.  In addition, our programs and methodology goes far beyond mere “tutoring.”  Our approach to learning uniquely integrates three components:

  1. Clear Goals:  We define realistic yet challenging goals for each student based
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The New Common App Workshop (for College Applications)

Incoming seniors!  Did you know that Common App completely revamped their application starting this year, with a new set of essay questions?  CommonApp is a standardized application for college, accepted by 488 (and counting) colleges and universities in the US.

As an incoming Senior, the most impact you can make on your college application is to work on your personal …

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National Merit Scholarship Accelerated Class

Would you like to qualify for the National Merit Scholarships? 


In addition to receiving the scholarship, being a National Merit Scholar is also a prestigious achievement that can open doors to various college-specific scholarships as well.  Preparing for the PSAT/NMSQT will also enable a student to excel on the SAT later on.

  • More Than SAT is offering accelerated summer
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ACT 36 Accelerated Class

Have you already taken the ACT exam and scored better than a 28?  Do you want to get top 1%, near perfect score?

More Than SAT is offering accelerated summer classes geared towards students striving toward getting into the top 1%.  A student must show proof of current ACT scores, and must already have 28 or more to qualify for …

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Freshman: Five Reasons Why Activities Are Important – Part 2

On our last month’s blog post, we tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about extracurricular or co-curricular activities.  This month, we will consider why choosing activities that are uniquely YOU is important:

1.  Your activities show how you can manage your time, which is vital in college.

This is one of the top reasons why …

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The First Five Steps to Acing Your Final Exams

Don’t hate us…but we HAVE to say this:  final exams are fast approaching!

As finals approach, it can be difficult to remember that this, too, shall pass: the stress, sleeplessness, and the brain drain.  There are many ways to make the next month more bearable (and to make sure that you make the grade).  Don’t let the homestretch ruin your …

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