How to find which test will be a better fit for me? SAT vs. ACT Answers from the expert.

Revised College Admissions Tests: SAT versus ACT

SAT vs ACT eBook Cover MoreThanSAT 2016The Illinois State Board of Education confirmed in early 2016 that the state would begin using the Revised SAT as the state’s official exam instead of the ACT. This transition left the state with a budget limbo, schools in disarray while transitioning, and parents and students with confusing choices.

Furthermore, with the “Revised SAT” that was completely revamped earlier this year, many parents and students are left flummoxed about their college entrance exam choices between the Revised SAT and ACT:

  • Is there a better-fit test for me to take?
  • How will college admissions interpret my test scores?
  • What’s actually on the tests? How do they compare?
  • When and how should I prepare for the tests?
  • How can I get practical, trust worthy support?

At More Than SAT, because we have been getting so many questions and consultation requests around these questions, we have put together a free, useful e-book to help you answer pressing questions and navigate through the decisions.

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