Silence As Agreement


1. The President may propose the adoption of a decision under a silence procedure. Such a proposal must be presented at a meeting, indicating the exact date of expiry of the silence period. In the absence of objections expressed by a representative during the present meeting, the decision shall be considered to be a procedure of silence. Let`s say you own a restaurant that prepares a celebrated pork belly dish. You make a good relationship with your local pig, you agree on a delivery plan and a price, and this continues for years. In a year, unfortunately, your supplier`s herd will get sick, and the price of pork belly will go up. Your supplier sends you a letter that reflects the new price and you do not respond in any way. You can maintain this assumption (safely, hopefully) until someone arrives and edits the page by editing or reinitiating. The more visible the statement and the more undisputed it remains, the stronger the impact of consensus.

4. If silence has not been broken, the President shall inform the participating States in writing, immediately after the expiry of the period of silence, that the decision in question has been taken. . . . .

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