Stamp Duty On Business Transfer Agreement In Maharashtra


Transfer, contract of sale, donation, exchange, deed of partnership, division, development agreement, transfer, trust, etc.) For category 1 and 2 instruments, the stamp duty payable may be determined on the basis of Scheme I; However, in order to determine the stamp duty on the instruments mentioned in category 3, it is necessary to have expertise in the valuation. The actual market value is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Bombay Stamp (Determination of True market value of the property) Rules, 1995. 2.4 Where a document is drawn up in such a way as to fall within the scope of more than one article of Annex I, it shall be imposed by the article which collects the highest amount of stamp duty. Tax stamps are often used by all parts of society, especially in the payment of money. Confession: Re. . .

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