• H. James (Jimmy) Kim, M.Ed. Executive Director of Learning, Co-Founder, Educational Consultant
  • Boram Christiana (Chris) Kim
    Boram Christiana (Chris) Kim CEO, Co-Founder, Educational Consultant
  • Margaret (Meg) Parks, M.M.
    Margaret (Meg) Parks, M.M. Lead Academic Coach, Parent/Student Support
  • Jennifer (Jenny) Chang, M.Ed.
    Jennifer (Jenny) Chang, M.Ed. Director of Digital Advanced Learning, Educational Consultant
  • Calista Small, B.A.
    Calista Small, B.A. Academic Coach
  • Eric Lee, M.S.
    Eric Lee, M.S. Academic Coach
  • Michael Trevino, M.A.
    Michael Trevino, M.A. Leadership & Organization Development Director
  • Ryan Klinger M.A., M.Ed.
    Ryan Klinger M.A., M.Ed. Online Learning & Course Design Specialist
  • Christine Lien Ph.D.
    Christine Lien Ph.D. Academic Coach
  • Glenn Frantz, Th.D.
    Glenn Frantz, Th.D. Academic Coach
  • Jill Weininger M.Ed.
    Jill Weininger M.Ed. Parenting Consultant
  • Linda Marie Pheng (PhD Candidate)
    Linda Marie Pheng (PhD Candidate) Academic Coach
  • Emily Erland
    Emily Erland Academic Coach
  • Ellyn Ong Vea Educational Consultant, Resident Editor
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