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Using trusted resources from Love and Logic™ program, certified facilitator Jill Weininger will equip parents to learn strategies to use with kids of any age to promote healthy decision-making and to prepare them for future success.

The program is offered in a group workshop or individual coaching format.

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No stranger to children and the challenges of raising children in a modern age, Jill Weininger has been an educator for 25 years and an elementary school principal in suburban Chicago for 20 years. She has been using Love & Logic strategies both personally with her own children and professionally for 12 years.

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Title: Strategic Parenting – What can I do as a parent to nurture my kids toward success?

Time: 90-minute weekly workshop for 6 weeks

Cost: $300 for individual/$400 for couple (for all 6 weeks)

(A minimum number of participants may be required for workshop to begin.)

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HOURS 2 4 8

Recommended Range of Time

2 weeks 1 month 2 month


The best tools and strategies for immediate results for a tension-free home

Essential+Long-term and systematic approach

+Weekly personalized coaching

Essential+Foundational+Plans that can build a long-lasting, flourishing relationship with child(ren) of any age

flourishing relationship with child(ren) of any age

Coaching Format


In-person, online and/or phone

In-person, online and/or phone

Your Investment

$190 $360 $640
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