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Chris founded More Than SAT with her husband, Jimmy Kim, in 2008. Chris brings nearly two decades of experience mentoring youth, partnering with parents, and working within the family dynamic Valium Cheapest. She has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and directing grant-funded programs for adolescent and community enrichment Diazepam Valium Online Uk. After consulting for over three years at a college financial aid advising company, Chris desired to help students and their families more holistically and developed More Than SAT’s five-pronged approach: financial readiness; academic readiness; major/career readiness; co/extra-curricular activities support and selection; and college selection and application support Buy Diazepam London. She emphasizes the “right fit” higher education plan to help find the specific place where each unique child will thrive as a whole person—not just as a student—so he or she can best contribute to society Cheap Valium Uk. Additionally, Chris champions the the underserved through various volunteering commitments.

Buy Valium Diazepam Uk
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