Academic coach says lifestyle is key in his career exploration

New Academic Coach Ryan Park looks back at when he was a “punk teen who wanted to go far away from home.” He was grounded so often that the running joke among his friends was trying to find a time to hang out during the surprising “ungrounded” periods osx sierra downloaden. While at the time he felt it was unfair that he was getting in trouble for things that his peers were getting away with, now he says, “If had a kid, I wouldn’t want him doing that kind of stuff either.”

After earning his Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Tulane University and having had enough of the wildness that characterizes New Orleans, he has returned home to the North Suburbs of Chicago html editoren. More than ever, he values the calm stability of home and the support of his parents who champion him in part 2 of his career exploration.

Ryan had been on the pre-med track and extensively explored teaching, research, and practice, but realized medicine wasn’t for him rahmen word herunterladen. The key factor in his decision was lifestyle, particularly in medical practice, which he was initially leaning toward. Though currently single, he is thinking ahead about a family he’d like to raise herunterladen. “A doctor’s lifestyle would be too demanding for me,” he said. “I feel that I wouldn’t be able to put as much time and energy into my family as my parents did with ours,” he said kindle book amazon.

He also recognized that becoming a doctor wasn’t the only way to fulfill his long-time goal of helping people. He said, “Other than going the traditional routes, we can be so much more creative about contributing to society and make a living doing so many things we couldn’t imagine while growing up.”

While Ryan is keeping his eye out for those alternative routes, he also happens to be looking into dentistry for lifestyle considerations. Plus, he has an opportunity to be part of a family network as he has relatives who run a dental practice. “They would be a good support system,” he said, underscoring support as another important factor in career exploration.

Ryan values support and sees it as something he wants to give as well as receive. A former client of More Than Scores And Tests for ACT prep and college consulting, he is currently proctoring standardized tests for the company and coaching math and science.

More Than SAT was instrumental as his parents tried to help him navigate the maze of college preparation and application; Ryan raised his ACT score, landed a solid scholarship, entered his “right-fit” school, and continued to seek the company’s advice even during his college years as he fine-tuned plans for his major and degree.

You can request Ryan as an academic coach and receive some of what he is giving back.

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