Student Gains More Than a Score: The value of confidence & character

When Lindsey came home from school discouraged about the low score she received on a practice ACT test, her mom Barb continued to assure her of what’s more important than numbers herunterladen.     

“It’s easier to improve kids’ test scores than it is to improve their character. Who my child is on the inside is far more significant than how the world may measure her—whether height, weight, grade point average, class rank, or ACT score,” she said amazon serien auf pc herunterladen. “There’s so much more that’s inside of us. How do we measure how caring and compassionate someone is? You don’t hear, ‘She got a 9.2 in compassion.’ That’s not how we talk, but these are the things that really matter herunterladen. I’ve shared with all of my kids that some day, when they meet God face to face, I’m not sure what he’ll ask about, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be that chemistry test they bombed.”

Not that grades don’t matter to Barb windows 10 32 biten. She sought out More Than Scores And Tests to help her daughter Lindsey overcome test anxiety and boost her ACT score; Lindsey ended up raising her score 6 points from what she scored on the practice ACT exam she had taken in school spotify herunterladen playlist. Still, what Barb values most is the boost in Lindsey’s confidence that More Than SAT provided.

Barb didn’t want Lindsey, who struggles with learning, to feel too stressed about the test or discouraged by her low score on the practice ACT exam. “I want my daughter to feel valued and to be nurtured no matter where she starts and ends up score-wise,” Barb said.

And More Than SAT did just that, working with Lindsey as an individualstarting where she was and building her up from there. Lindsey was part of an 8-week ACT prep class last spring and came away “encouraged and empowered, even though the work was hard and she had difficulty grasping the content,” Barb said. “I was so impressed by the people at More Than Scores And Tests—their caliber and commitment to the students. They were so patient as they came alongside her. We were very hopeful; we saw Lindsey feeling good about herself—less anxious and more assured, more capable and confident. Test anxiety diminished and she was more equipped to score better.”

Lindsey’s no-quit attitude and drive deserve just as much credit. “She’s a very hard-working student, so she takes wisdom, advice, and tutoring to heart,” Barb said. “I’ve often described her as the Little Engine That Could. She perseveres and works very diligently despite that learning doesn’t come easily to her.”

While “doing” is a given in academics, Barb, a devout Christian, still emphasizes “being,” particularly “being in God’s presence,” and wants her kids to be “heaven-bound” before they’re “Harvard-bound.” Barb and her husband try to make “investing in their eternity” the priority, even as they invest in their education.

“We do have dreams for our kids—that they are successful in whatever they wish to pursue,” Barb said. “Though people might measure success by their career and car,  what about character, compassion, kindness? God has a different measuring stick, and it runs counter to what the world says.”

While we do help students raise their test scores and grades, More Than SAT wholeheartedly agrees with Barb on going beyond them! To other parents of kids who need a little extra help: We would love to individualize our coaching to meet those students’ needsequipping while encouraging. If you want this, let us know at

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