Texas Hearing Aid Purchase Agreement


(a) except in subsection (b), a person must pass an examination required by the service to qualify for a hearing and donor licence or an apprentice`s licence under this chapter. (2) the manufacture, model and serial number of the hearing aid; (7) a 10-point written service contract or policy statement, as follows: “The customer has been informed that any examination or assurance given by a hearing equipment donor or a learning licence holder or a temporary holder of a training permit in connection with the assembly and sale of the hearing aid is not an examination. , diagnosis or prescription by a person duly licensed as a physician or surgeon and authorized to practice medicine in the State of Texas and therefore cannot be considered a medical opinion or consultation; (25) A line manager is a person with a valid license to adapt and distribute hearing aids in accordance with Chapters 401 or 402 of the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 401 or 402, with a non-licensing for those subject to 401.311 or 401,312 USD, and that fulfills the qualifications defined by the Texas Occupations Code, 402.255 and this chapter. (4) copies of service contracts and written receipts executed in connection with the assembly and delivery of each hearing aid; (g) the supervisory consent form must be completed by the holder of the learning licence and by the supervisor or line manager, on a form approved by the service or in a manner prescribed by the service. A licensee may be credited with training credits for a published book or an article by the licensee that contributes to the professional competence of the licensee. The department may grant credit hours based on the degree to which the book published or article promotes knowledge of the assembly and delivery of hearing aids. During a reference period, the licensee may not qualify for more than five hours of credit for the preparation of a publication. (3) to provide the supervisor with the contract form completed by the applicant and the controller; b) The holder of the apprenticeship licence must complete the training in one or more of the following accepted subjects in the solicitation and issuance of hearing aids: b) the examination of the legal examination is separate from the written and practical tests. The legal test covers the laws, rules and regulations of Texas and the United States regarding the assembly and distribution of hearing aids. 2.

Judgments that the sole owner, the company, the company or the other legal entity may be obliged to pay for hearing instruments given negligently or incorrectly or for the breach of a contract to issue one or more hearing objects. (13) Direct monitoring – Physical presence with assessment, verification and consultation of a supervisor at any time during which a temporary training permit holder is employed in the assembly and delivery of hearing aids. (A) is involved in the manufacture, manufacture or assembly of hearing aids for the wholesale trade to a licensee or other hearing aid supplier; (12) advising and rehabilitating a hearing impaired person for the assembly and delivery of hearing aids; 1. the physical, administrative and other tasks for which the supplier has trained the intermediary in the installation or distribution of hearing aids for which no licence, authorization or exemption is required by law; and (2) written confirmation that the applicant is licensed in a good reputation as an assembler and distributor of hearing aids in another state; The Commission or Executive Director may order a licensee to reimburse a consumer who returns a hearing aid during the 30-day trial period required by the rules adopted in Section 402.1021.

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