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Online Valium India, Valium Online Canada

How did a student who first got a 26 on his ACT test end up at Johns Hopkins University?

“I frequently ran out of time on the Reading and Science tests Brand Valium Online.
In six one-on-one sessions, a More Than Scores And Tests’ coach 
helped me approach the ACT with efficiency — to think critically in a short amount of time Valium Cheapest.


English 18 > 31, Math 31 > 34,
Reading 24 > 36, Science 29 > 34

Precise Diagnostics

We survey a student’s current academic skills and consider their learning style, school performance history, and past test results Buy Diazepam London. Our in-depth diagnostics allow us to devise a personalized strategy and timeline for your student.

Rigorous Study Plans

More Than Scores And Tests has designed a comprehensive ACT test guide for students to master exam contents and employ effective test-taking strategies Buy Diazepam Nz. We equip them with study skills they will use beyond test time. Developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Innovation Lab, our program reflects the latest learning science research Buy Valium Mastercard.


” I really want to thank More Than Scores And Tests for all the ways they helped me prepare for my standardized tests and college essays. But once I got to college, I realized how well they equipped me for what to expect from college. I feel like I am way ahead of my friends in going through the learning curve as a freshman in college.”

Amy, student at Northwestern Univ., graduate of Lake Forest Academy

Engaging Coaches

Our Academic Coaches go beyond tutoring. While they are highly trained and knowledgeable in their subjects, they also nurture a student’s motivation and commitment. More Than Scores And Tests coaches monitor a student’s progress and regularly communicate with parents to address any questions or concerns.

Unparalleled Results

This unique combination of precise diagnostics, rigorous study plans, and engaging coaches has shown to produce unparalleled results in ACT test. This process boosts students’ confidence and compels them to be more productive and achieve the goals they set for themselves in test prep and college.

Write your ACT test success story with us

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