Professionals go through training to excel in their field. But why are most students never taught the tools of learning and studying?

Effective studying and learning skills can (and should) be learned. A person with consistent, thoughtful study skills and learning habits will eventually do better than someone who is “just smart,” especially as school subjects become more and more difficult. It’s not enough to merely “try harder” (like how most diet plans fail), but a student must also study and learn smarter and more effectively.

We have developed foundational study skills lessons that allows our students to make the most out of their limited time and effort in middle and high school years. These skills equip students with foundations for independent and lifelong learning. We focus on teaching “how to learn” by oneself based on these foundational skills: goal setting, note taking, time management, and organization skills. Development of these skills lead to better higher order skills such as critical thinking, executive functioning skills, and metacognition.

Our Essential Studying and Learning Course is taught in just three sessions. It is simple enough for middle school students, yet it is flexible and practical for high school and college level courses. We uniquely help students to integrate good studying and learning habits and skills into their current academic subjects for immediate improvements and lasting academic success.

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