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Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk, Buy Valium Sydney

  • Provides college consulting to Monster Education Foundation’s scholars and their families from Austin and Englewood, as well as other under-resourced neighborhoods
  • Conducts Study Skills seminars for Junior High and High Schoolers Cheapest Uk Valium.
  • Also provides consultation support to the MEF Board on best practices in working with students and their families.

Willow Creek North Shore Community Church

● Provided ACT Test Prep materials for students in the North Shore communities,
along with leadership development opportunity
● Students learned how to teach academic materials and work with other students in
under­resourced communities via partnership schools
● Provided teaching & training manuals, as well as academic coach support


Developed training manual and taught ACT to under­resourced and underperforming students at Evanston Township High School
● Led training for other academic coaches & student academic coaches
● College readiness advice & consulting for students


HighRise Academy (Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL)

● Provided SAT and ACT manual and consultation for providing academic tutoring for students in High Rise Programs in Columbus and Chicago
● Provided support for Chicago area director in implementing teaching materials


HandsOn Suburban Chicago

HandsOn Suburban Chicago


Korean Cultural Center of Chicago

Korean Cultural Center of Chicago


Various Not­For­Profit Organizations

● Provided teaching manual for academic coaches serving underperforming and under-
resourced students and communities

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