1. Identifying a Destination
3. Tools for the journey
7. Taking off to Next Steps
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Identifying a Destination: (Goal­Setting)

Feeling lost or confused with your child’s academic progress or college preparation Buy 1000 Valium Online Uk? Without a clear goal, all the time and effort your family puts in will not yield the result you want to see. Our unique process begins with a goal­ setting session. When a student can articulate and embrace his/her goals, regardless of their size or importance, they become much easier to attain.


Starting Point: (Holistic Evaluation)

Many parents are frustrated: “We don’t even know where to begin!” Valium Online Next Day Delivery. We have extensive evaluation tools and processes to help pinpoint a student’s challenges as well as the strengths on which we can build ‒ all based on latest learning sciences and research, developed and refined through the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Innovation Lab.  Unlike most tests that only measure the outcomes, our assessments are used to identify strengths and weaknesses so we know exactly where to begin.


Tools for the Journey: (Gap Analysis)

You wouldn’t want your child to leave on a journey without having the right tools. Learning gaps can grow over time, and cause a child to fall behind and lose confidence. We evaluate the cause of those gaps and outline personalized strategies to address them. We also identify gaps in the family’s college planning process, and can provide just the tools you need to get on track.


Personal Roadmap: (Strategic Planning)

What steps should you take and when? How can you avoid making detrimental turns, and yet ensure best possible decisions? We will create a personalized roadmap for you, including a study plan and timeline to reach your goals. We will guide you through every planned step, possible breakdowns & potholes, unexpected detours, and scenic routes along the way.


Measurable Progress: (Monitoring & Feedback)

Do you find your resolutions lasting only a few days? How can we ensure and measure that our students keep on the right path? This is the part of the process where the rubber meets the road: we coach your students through their learning as planned. We provide a written feedback after every session, and we become your “accountability partner” to maximize support and motivation for your student.


Arriving at your Destination: (Creating Success)

Success goes beyond just getting a good grade. Our students and their families understand that true success comes from within and benefits others beyond oneself. With our innovative practices based on the latest learning science and research, our students see the results of their goal­setting, strategic planning, and sustained efforts. They experience success like never before.


Taking off to Next Steps

Once you conquer the first mountain top, you’re excited about training for the next one. It is an exhilarating feeling for a student to experience self­driven success. This is the very first step toward successful independent learning and college experiences that we want our students to enjoy and recreate themselves. You can rest assured knowing your child is well prepared for the
new challenges ahead.

Move mountains. Launch beyond.

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