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How did a student who scored 1100 on her PSAT end up at NYU Stern Business School?

“Even though a long time passed from my sessions with More Than Scores And Tests to when I took the actual test, everything I got out of their SAT prep stuck with me ballermann 6 film download kostenlos. I was very well prepared! I felt confident, and that helped me perform better. My highest score was in Reading, which was always my worst subject.”


Her total score raised to 1470. 

Detailed Analysis

Our SAT test diagnostics reveal the student’s strengths and weaknesses in detail and will predict where and how students can improve within the preparation time frame Download circus music for free. We survey the student’s academic history, learning style, and past test results and advise the student and parents based on these findings.

Prudent Study Plans

More Than Scores And Tests provides in-depth instruction and test-taking strategies that work time after time modern warfare betaen. Students will not only learn how to improve their scores but continue to grow at their own pace even after our sessions are complete. Developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Innovation Lab, our program is steeped in the latest learning science research herunterladen.

Captivating Sessions

Our highly qualified and well resourced Academic Coaches connect with students at a personal level and tailor each session toward meeting the student’s growth projection and score goal in SAT test picturepeople fotos herunterladen. The Academic Coaches bring a wealth of information and knowledge in each subject they teach and provide continual guidance to students and parents until they meet their personal goal.

Unbeatable Results

This powerful combination of detailed analysis, captivating sessions, and prudent study plans has been creating unbeatable results in SAT test score that your student will continuously reap. Students experience personal growth and a stronger outlook on their academics that will motivate them to do more and better.

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