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Buy 1000 Valium Online, Buy Diazepam Online Australia

Students in our Small Group classes improved an average of:

  • ACT: 4.5 points
  • SAT: 121 points

“They did more than boost my daughter’s ACT score by 6 points Brand Valium Online. More Than SAT helped her effectively deal with test and performance anxiety…an outstanding learning experience!” — Mt. Prospect Mom

“Being able to take a small group class with my friends & others going through the same thing gave me a boost of motivation, accountability, and shared support Valium Cheapest. I went from a 28 to a 33 on my ACT! — Glenview Student

Our classes are scheduled to prepare students in time for the national SAT and ACT exams.

Classes held on weekends to accommodate busy lives of high school students.

Have no more than 6 students to allow our coaches to provide maximum attention to each student.

Includes 24 hours of academic coaching/instruction time and 2 full-length timed practice tests with test taking habit observation reports.

Our comprehensive curricula include all study materials and practice materials that covers all content on the tests.

Integrated study skills & learning skills that students can apply to all their academic subjects.

SAT Small Group Schedule

10-week SAT January - March Saturday Classes
  • Dates: 1/4 – 3/7 (Saturdays), 10 weeks
  • Class Times: 2 – 5 pm
  • Note: There will be two proctored SAT practice tests; dates are subject to change & class subject to minimum enrollment
  • Location: Glenview
10-week SAT February - April Saturday Classes
  • Dates: 2/9 – 4/12 (Saturdays), 10 weeks
  • Class Times: 2 – 5 pm
  • Note: There will be two proctored SAT practice tests; dates are subject to change & class subject to minimum enrollment
  • Location: Glenview, Lincolnshire
10-week SAT March - May Sunday Classes
  • Dates: 3/29 – 5/31 (Sundays), 10 weeks
  • Class Times: 2 – 5 pm
  • Note: There will be two proctored SAT practice tests; dates are subject to change & class subject to minimum enrollment
  • Location: Lincolnshire

ACT Small Group Schedule

10-Week ACT January - March Saturday Classes
  • Dates: 1/25 – 3/28 (Saturdays), 10 weeks
  • Class Times: 2 – 5 pm
  • Note: There will be two proctored ACT practice tests; dates are subject to change & class subject to minimum enrollment
  • Location: Glenview, Lincolnshire
10-Week ACT April - June Sunday Classes
  • Dates: 4/5 – 6/13 (Sundays), 10 weeks
  • Class Times: 2 – 5 pm
  • Note: There will be two proctored ACT practice tests; dates are subject to change & class subject to minimum enrollment
  • Location: Glenview, Lincolnshire

Precise Diagnostics

We survey a student’s current academic skills, history, learning preferences, and past test results Cheap Valium Uk. Our in-depth diagnostics allow us to devise a personalized approach even in a small group setting. We offer timed ACT or SAT practice tests with observation and feedback on test-taking habits Buy Diazepam Nz.

Comprehensive Study Plans

More Than Scores And Tests has designed comprehensive ACT and SAT curricula to help students master exam content and employ effective test-taking strategies Valium Online Uk Review. We equip them with study skills they will use beyond test prep. Developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Innovation Lab, our program reflects the latest research on learning sciences.

Engaging Coaches

Our Academic Coaches go beyond tutoring. While they are highly trained and knowledgeable in their subjects, they also nurture a student’s motivation, commitment, and learning habits. Our coaches communicate with parents after every lesson to report on the student’s progress and address any questions or concerns promptly.

Demonstrated Success

This unique combination of our time-tested, innovative curriculum and our highly trained coaches has helped our students to reach their academic goals. We have helped students of all abilities — from those wanting to improve a few points to qualify for scholarships and honors programs, to students wanting to make larger gains. 


“Before I was enrolled in their program, my ACT score was a 26. I was struggling in the math section because I would always run out of time, and it was bringing down my composite score. But after completing the program my ACT composite score jumped up to a 30! I am very happy with the score I received. It gave me confidence and by practicing questions I was able to anticipate the correct ACT answers even without doing all of the work, which saved me lots of valuable time. I was even able to excel in the areas that I was already doing excellently in! I highly recommend this program for anybody who wants their test scores to reflect on their true potential.”

Alex, student at Cedarville University, graduate of Christian Heritage Academy

Join Our Class Success Story

Glenview Studio

Lincolnshire Studio

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