More Than SAT offers unique options not available in most tutoring or college consulting places download the settlers 7 for free in full version.  In addition, our programs and methodology goes far beyond mere “tutoring.”  Our approach to learning uniquely integrates three components:

  • Clear Goals: We define realistic yet challenging goals for each student based on his or her learning styles, along with milestones and timelines for accountability excel personalplanung kostenlos download.
  • Integrated Study Skills: We integrate good study skills into every subject we teach:  setting realistic goals, taking useful notes, managing and saving time effectively, planning ahead for schoolwork, preparing for tests, and increasing overall organization skills herunterladen.
  • Support for Parents: We bring parents into the entire learning process for support, accountability, and transparency quicktime player download mac.

Most of all, our experienced and qualified Academic Coaches can make understanding easier, goals more clearer, and studying more enjoyable powerdvd kostenlos downloaden vollversion.


    • Identify your academic and personal goals, and how they fit into your overall plans and timeline.
    • Understand your challenges — not just what you struggle with, but also why you struggle with what you struggle with.
    • Develop a Personalized Learning Plan based on your strengths, learning preferences, and how to use them to address your challenges.
    • Learn how to develop good study habits and skills to strengthen your content knowledge and improve your academic outcomes, not just in one subject but in other subjects as well.
    • Keep growing in your learning for mastery as you continue to apply learning habits and skills, while being supported by your academic coach to successfully meet your goals.
    • You won’t need us any more.


  • MATH
    • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus A, B, & C, Statistics, College Math (Multivariable Calculus, Matrix Algebra, etc.)
    • Reading: comprehension, fluency, note-taking, reading skills
    • Writing: sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, academic writing, creative writing
    • English Language Learners: support for all levels of English learners
    • Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, AP Physics A & B, AP Biology, AP Chemistry
    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • Spanish
    • History
    • Economics
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