We believe every family tells a story liebes bilder kostenlos herunterladen.

Whether we are aware or not, each of us is part of our family’s story, and at the same time, we create our own stories. We believe that if each family owns its story and is actively engaged in their journey together, it will not only impact each family member but also have a profound influence far beyond its own story within the global & local communities free mill.

Within each worthwhile family story, a student’s high school years are critical because the story will become the foundation for his or her own story, as he or she develops into a young adult.  By helping families navigate through the complex college preparation process, we clarify their stories and goals, and we reduce uncertainty and stress loredana mero no plan download. Our families can enjoy these precious few years together as students transition into adulthood to live out their own potentials.

Our mission is to:

  • Help individual students find their uniqueness by discovering their purpose and passion in life apps to from music.
  • Teach students to become lifelong learners by discovering the joys of learning through fun, hard work, and celebrating small successes.
  • Equip students to use their uniqueness and purpose to make tangible and positive differences in the world as global citizens junit herunterladen.

Our vision is to:

  • Help students and their families clearly define their college goals and steps for success.
  • Help students maximize their unique strengths, interests, time, and resources to prepare for college.
  • Equip students with skills to succeed in high school, college, and “the real world.”
  • Guide families with relevant information and sound advice for making their best college and financial decisions.
  • Give families peace of mind by reducing stress and debt.

Our values are:

  • Respect for the family — We work with and support not only the student, but the entire family.
  • Lifelong learning — We teach our students how to learn independently, and how to make learning a part of their lives forever.
  • Holistic — We work not only to improve academic performance, but with a view to developing the student’s motivation, commitment, and independence as well, impacting the whole person.
  • Balanced — We are serious about teaching and learning, but we also like to have some fun along the way.
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